Outside Festival
Renowned as the world's first town of books, this vibrant community is a haven for emerging talents, established artists, and aspiring freelancers. At the Globe at Hay, we are dedicated to nurturing and supporting the diverse talents within our community.


Our venue has witnessed the electrifying performances of local talents like DJ Max Galactic, Inclines, and Young Garbo, who have set the stage ablaze during Live at The Globe and captivated Open Mic audiences. From joyous birthday parties to celebratory events like Baby Showers, Anniversaries, and Engagement Parties, the Globe at Hay has been a cherished backdrop for the people of Hay.


We take pride in collaborating with local creative's and tutors, hosting a myriad of events daily. Whether you're interested in playgroups, co working sessions, philosophical discussions, or the renowned open mic night, there's always something happening at the Globe at Hay.


Join us in celebrating the richness of our community. Find the perfect community event for you at The Globe at Hay:


Open Mic 

Little Willows  


If you are looking to begin teaching a class or have a community event enquiry, our diverse venue could be for you! 


Email us or call us on 01497 821762 to discuss your ideas.